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Maintaining Data Quality is now a Child’s Play

Posted by: Pritesh Chauhan | Posted on: | Posted in: Data Entry

Managing and maintaining high levels of data quality has across-the-board positive impacts on business.

Latest technological advancements have brought about some really mind-blowing changes in almost every walk of life – In fact, it has brought about a sort of path breaking revolutions in the usual business operations; especially in the field of data processing and storing.

May it be PDF To Word Conversion, OCR Cleanup or while you Convert PDF Documents. Successfully managing data quality involves implementing and sustaining a series of steps to achieve achieve these kinds of goals.

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Data quality concepts methodologies and techniques

In fact, a large number of enterprises – small and huge, both, are increasingly getting inclined towards data entry and online data processing. However, it is noticed that increasing quantity of data entry and conversions are affecting the work quality. It is ignored more often and the poor quality data is resulting into enormous cost for various companies.

Now, the question is how can one ensure that the data is at par with the quality benchmarks? Here, we will see some the complications related to data quality management and their causes, to understand it better and solve in the most potential manner.

Complication # 1: Assuming a “silver bullet”

Some enterprises assume that they can go for a sponsored or promoted solution with a hope to “hit all data quality issues with a single stone” to make all worries vanish in no time.

This expectancy of getting a silver bullet is very evident from how people are eager to get a data quality tool to maintain the quality. These tools definitely help to “fix” the noncompliant data, but it does not eliminate it or will not stop bad data getting in.

Though data quality tools are crucial to get the 100% data quality accuracy, one must always question the purpose for purchasing it, then the procedure itself, and lastly reflect upon the ways in which one can make the improvements in terms of making the quality check drive effective.

Complication #. 2: Inadequate Experience and Expertise

A lot of organizations these days expect immediate and visible positive improvements in the data quality campaign; which again is quite a rocket science. Initiating a data quality management drive is a strategic process, where the success depends on amount of experience and expertise one possesses. The problem gets more complicated when close coupling tools and methods are introduced.

Most of the times, the data quality manager is seen as the responsible person to make changes and upgrade data quality concepts methodologies and technique standards. But, at times, these “responsible” people do not necessarily possess required knowledge or authority to make it happen.

And it culminates, into an overpowering feeling making the solution inaccessible; subsequently making the team wander into dark and not knowing where to begin. And the root lies in not bringing in the proper expertise to give a kick start to the quality check program.

Complication #3: Not Keeping a Record of the Organizational Culture Changes

While you try to mend the low quality data, it is often taken for granted that the final goal is to be achieved keeping in pace with the culture of the organization. You don’t require any modern to eliminate data quality issues; it can be achieved only by bringing a change in people’s attitude and behavior by introducing information flaws.

The bottom line is that one needs to take each professional in loop and keep them informed on the parameters and measures to improve the degrading quality. A fine balance is what needs to be maintained between numbers and quality, by keeping in mind aforesaid points.