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Data Entry Services

We at Data Entry India are one of the leading offshore data entry service providing companies, led by a solution centric leadership team.

We have evolved as a team of 750+ efficient and enabled data entry professionals, all equipped with executional capabilities & project management skills.

What works to our advantage is adaptability, scalability & delivery experience. We deliver outsourced data entry services to empower small and medium size businesses, globally, to streamline their workflows, control risks and reduce costs.

We are experts at capturing, digitizing & processing of data from diverse input sources including fax, web forms, e-mails, scanned images and hardcopy documents. Our trained data entry professionals and multilayered quality check process ensures 99.99% accuracy levels - across all our data entry outsourcing projects.

List of data entry services, we offer:

Considering the nature and complexity, cost-sensitivity, large volume, deadline, and global standard while taking up any outsourcing data entry project is our usual practice:

Industry expertise:

Our data entry workflows are designed and developed by dedicated teams comprising of professionals with significant expertise in data management for Banking and Finance – BFSI, Real Estate, Transportation and Logistics, Management and Consulting, Retail & eCommerce, Education, ITES, Research, Marketing & Advertising, Travel & Hospitality and several others.

We develop and utilize advanced tools to streamline the workflow, making work and data analysis extremely easier, safe and reliable.

Why choose Data Entry India as your outsourcing partner?

  • We partner our clients to manage, integrate, analyze, and secure their critical data by delivering industry's best combination of performance, reliability, and cost. The credit of our successful client association goes to our ability of flexibility to scale up the manpower to handle large volumes of data entry tasks with multiple complexities - as and when required.
  • We consistently update our security measures to ensure our security policies are in accordance with international standards. It also gains us our customer's confidence that their data security and privacy are never compromised when partnering with us. With use of OCR/ICR to convert paper based data in convenient digital format, we reduce the time consumed for manual data entry. Our editorial staff proficient in proofing and editing ensures that the output or result sent across to the client is accurate.
  • We analyze the data with help of our domain expertise and your requirements, so as to develop data management processes to ensure that our clients get accurate output on time – every time. We can deliver the output data files by e-mail, FTP or by CD/DVDs, as per client requirements. Our high quality and reliable data entry services reduce administrative burdens and operational costs by 35% - 40%. Email us now to know how we can assist you.

Our high quality and reliable data entry services, reduce administrative burdens and operational costs by 35% - 40%. Contact us now to know how we can assist you.

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