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Data Entry Security
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Data Entry Security

We have adequate backup system, data security policy and business continuity plans to ensure customers data safe and confidential.

Data Entry India : Where Your Data Is Secure

Data Entry India, one of the foremost data entry companies of India, has adequate backup system, business continuity plans and data security policy in place. This enables the company to guarantee safety and confidentiality of the client's data as long as it is handled by its professionals.

We protect your data securely with fast file, folder, and email encryption. This is used to encrypt any data including personal files, corporate information, confidential records as well as email attachments.

Data Entry India strictly controls access to your data. Client's original source documents are NEVER distributed to data entry operators. As an added security measure, when privacy requirements emerge, we split the source document by utilizing advanced technology devices like high-speed scanners and data processors into multiple TIF images or image snippets, and give different parts of the document to different groups of data entry operators. Thus, a data entry operator would never have an access to an entire content of a document. Source documents are returned, or stored securely, or destroyed according to the client's instructions.

Our data entry staff is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We provide training to our staff in how to maintain data confidentiality and push employees to follow or stick to security rules.

Each member in the data entry team performs in a supervisory or managerial capacity, and is responsible for the data saved in the designated system.

Backup and recovery procedures:

  • Provisions for regular backup of data saved in the system
  • Storage of backup media at a location remote from the processing center
  • Approved Disaster Recovery Plan written and implemented to cover situations where hardware and/or software cannot run in its normal environment

Our servers behind an electronic firewall are not directly connected to the internet. Thus, when we receive your confidential information, we make it accessible and available to only few authorized computers and not all.

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