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eBook Conversion is the ONLY Way to Capitalize Your Printed Material – AGAIN

May 24th, 2016   |   Data Conversion   |  

eBook Conversion is the ONLY Way to Capitalize Your Printed Material

Recently, ‘The New York Times’ got their archived material published in form of eBooks. They partnered with eBook conversion service providers to publish their original “long-form” content “Here’s the Deal: How Washington Can Solve the Deficit” and “Spur Growth” by columnist David Leonhard, as an electronic book.

Byliner managed to across the magic figure of 1m singles last year. This made several print media houses, like New York Times, to tap into this rapidly growing market. Given the abundance of material newspapers are having, thoughtfully created eBooks could become the fastest and easiest way to turn internet readers to their advantage.

Publication industry is experiencing a fundamental shift while from being predominately paper-bound to digitalization. Emergence of eBooks or electronic books is considered to be second milestone for publication industry after Gutenberg invented the printing press, back in the 15th Century. In fact, with more advanced technologies and smart devices coming into the market, popularity and demand for eBooks has grown manifold.

Furthermore, if the experts are to be believed the e-reader penetration will increase to 12.83% by 2020, as compared to 10.26% in 2016.

eBook Conversion Graph

With the popularity of eBooks touching the skies, publishers and authors are struggling to stay afloat and maintain reader loyalty by adopting eBook conversion. It is one of those crucial steps to reach out to a wider array of tech-savvy & modern-day readers, and get a niche in the market.

EBooks enable one to store abundant books/journals/magazines in a compact device. This benefits avid readers to get their daily dose of reading everywhere and anywhere, even while on a go. This perhaps is a very strong reason behind rising popularity of electronic books. Besides, every word whether on a paper or in digital format, right from research papers to novels and journals to newspapers & magazines can be easily read using a Smart phone or an eBook reader.

Can Newspapers/magazines capitalize on their archives with eBook conversion?

With increasing internet users, several publication houses have suffered a major backlash. People prefer online news sites and hence; there is a substantial drop in the circulation of physical newspapers. However, keeping pace with the time, industry should adopt more innovative solutions, where print media has placed faith in eBooks.

How does eBook conversion services provider actually help?

eBook conversion services comprise of modifying files from different physical sources into electronic files or fondly called digital files to ensure better visualization for readers. So it can be a book, newspaper, journal or research paper, eBook conversion enriches the content and makes it more appealing, easy-to-read. Also, modification of physical information involves scanning of handwritten documents and images, enhancement of text, proof reading and editing. Further, based on specific requirements; many eBook conversion companies provide an array of options. They convert the printed material in different formats like HTML, XML, PDF, and many more.

Besides, having the archives/ books converted in any of the above mentioned formats, many companies also opt for creating electronic books using ePUB or e-publication conversion services. This ePUB conversion makes books/journals more interactive and thus extremely eye-catchy, and easy-to-read. It allows the reader to bookmark a page, add any extra notes and even highlight any important parts within the content. Also, it gives an experience that is much better than reading a traditional paperback book. In addition to this, electronic books even allow users to locate phrases or important facts with its quick search command. With eBooks, poor readability is never an issue, readers just have to zoom in and zoom out to increase/decrease the font sizes.


As more readers are migrating to new digital devices, EBook sales have soared up. The estimated 13% growth in sales between 2013 and 2018 is also expected to enhance the revenues. Moreover; within the same period, speculated revenues from eBook sales in US alone will increase by more than $4 billion, and touching $8.7 billion by the end of 2018.

These figures clearly indicate that digital devices and e-reading will one day capture the market big time. To stay afloat and survive in the market, Media Agencies, Publishing houses, Newspapers, Book Publishers, Magazines, Journals, Directory Publishing and all the stakeholders, need to embrace innovation with open arms. E-book conversion is the way to capitalize your printed material.

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