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Data Conversion Advantages & How to Achieve Them?

Posted by: Pritesh Chauhan | Posted on: | Posted in: Data Conversion

Data Conversion Advantages & How to Achieve Them?

The biggest challenge businesses face these days is data conversion, either from paper to electronic format or from one particular format to another one, which is handy and ready to use. Though it has gained immense popularity, how to approach data conversion service providers is still a test for these businesses.

Businesses have been juggling their priorities between running operations seamlessly in a cost effective manner, and maintaining customer service standards. Outsourced data conversion service is one of the saviors, clubbed with data entry, data processing and document management processes, for these businesses.

Even after its existence and progression since more than a decade now, businessmen take time to decide:

  • Whether it is the right time to approach an offshore data conversion service provider or should they hire an in-house team?
  • What is data conversion; is it something different from prevailing market definitions?
  • If my business needs data conversion, who are reliable, expert, reputed and best data conversion specialists in India?
  • What file types do data conversion specialists accept for a conversion?
  • How long does it take to get the conversion done?
  • Can my data be converted over the weekend? How much does a data conversion cost?
  • Can I have a test conversion? And what not.

As a business owner of a startup, or mid-sized organization, or may be a company with Fortune 500 Analog; somewhere at the back of your mind, you know the answers to these. Enlisted are the advantages of outsourcing data conversion, and then will move on to the points to be considered for achieving these benefits.

Advantages when you hire best data conversion solution provider:

  • All your important data is stored in handy and ready to use format, and you don’t need to worry about losing it.
  • Steep reduction in overhead costs ensuring considerable savings without compromising on quality is what outsourcing data conversion requirements, results in.
  • Now you can conduct analysis and market study, enhance operational efficiency, improved strategies and decision making; and all these because your data is now stored digitally.
  • Conduct audits, quality improvement programs and a lot more with conveniently accessible digital data.

Now that we have checked how it would benefit your business upon tying up with a data conversion partner; the next step is to know the points to be considered for achieving these benefits.

  • Opt for a data conversion specialist, equipped with latest data conversion tools and techniques. Also check whether they have the latest scanners to deliver data scanning for all the data given to them in written format.
  • Is the data conversion company up and running with the kind of manpower and infrastructure, required to handle large volumes of data with multiple complexities? Are they flexible enough to scale up according to your data conversion needs to meet seasonal fluctuations?
  • Are the expertise and experience of the data conversion company limited, or they can deliver holistic data solutions for database integration and planning, data/document scanning, data translation etc.?
  • Ensure the data conversion solution provider that you partner with, has dedicated customer support professionals on board – who even will work as POC for your data conversion project. You can check the testimonials posted by that offshore company existing clients in their service portfolio.
  • Cost effective pricing is on the top priority why you are looking out to outsource data conversion, so it is advisable to check out the quotes and rates provided by other data conversion solution providers, and do this before you sign the final agreement or SLA.
  • Ensure to use the free trial offer or a pilot project that these service providers give to their clients. It will help you assess the capabilities and accuracy of the data conversion company as well as you can see them live in action for your projects. Also check the quality of work on this trial project before making the final decision.
  • All said and done, pay due heed to accuracy rate, because though a data conversion company may provide solutions at low rates but with less or no accuracy – it does not solve your purpose.


To make your data conversion process succeed, ensure to have one of the best data processing service providers, to be on your side. They should be the one who can not only bring accuracy and quality conversion to table, but can deliver holistic solutions to your document & data conversion needs. They should be the ones who understand that your budgets are not unlimited, and hence; try to deliver solutions at competitive prices.