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Which are the Major Data Entry Services that can be Outsourced?

June 8th, 2016   |   Data Entry   |  

Which are the Major Data Entry Services that can be Outsourced

With business sphere getting highly data-driven, enterprises are striving to effectively address data entry requirements. Data entry and data processing, being long term and ongoing processes, requires dedicated efforts, adequate man-hours and continuous availability of human resources.

Since, in-house data entry and processing might not always be viable for enterprises to set-up a separate infrastructure or hire dedicated resources, many companies outsource data entry requirements. These data entry service providers are equipped with efficient and enabled data entry professionals, possess executional capabilities & project delivery experience, and account management skills backed up with adaptability and scalability.

Why outsource data entry services?

Data entry is not core activity for many businesses, and hence most of them does not find it feasible to invest huge amount in setting up infrastructure, getting technologically advanced systems or hire experienced resources. Therefore, they outsource data entry related tasks to professional data entry service providers.

Moreover, since the in-house resources can be utilized to carry out core activities, which can directly and positively impact business growth, sales figure and overall profitability.

Most of the outsourcing companies are equipped numerous automated and modern tools which helps data entry operators and eliminates repetitive keystrokes. In addition to this, for a quick and quality deliverance many agencies has stringent quality check procedure as well.

Different types of data entry services

Data entry requirements vary according to the industry, and therefore, before you start the hunt for a reputed data entry outsourcing company, ensure it matches your business goals and objectives. For an instance – In the healthcare industry the emphasis is always on medical bills, pharmacy invoices and insurance claims processing.

Let’s check out on some of the data entry projects that are always outsource to professional data entry service providers:

Bill/Invoice ProcessingBills and invoice processing can prove to very useful for industries like retail, logistics, real-estate, etc. In fact, many outsourcing companies provide ancillary accounting functions like accounts payable and receivable and link it with bills and invoice processing. This gives a complete picture of the finances and even ensures smooth capital flow.

Check ProcessingCheck and rebate processing – Almost every outsourced company has a strong non-disclosure policies and encryption systems to ensure complete data safety. Therefore; banks, financial institutions and credit card companies these days, entrust check and rebate processing companies with the assurance that their data will be fully-protected.

Internet ResearchInternet research for creating database – Foundation of smooth business operation is a well-structured database. Internet research is where operators gather information from specific client-selected sites and provide the resulting data to the client in whatever format they require. This helps in retrieving data and reports at any time, and can be applied business-critical decisions. Outsourced companies take all the raw data, enter it in systematic & customized data format, and update it regularly, and present it in easy to understand charts, graphs and reports.

Data CleansingData cleansing is one of those important tasks which should be outsourced without any delays. It involves changing, updating and removing incorrect, redundant or wrongly entered data. This bad data might have crept in at some point of time in the database, creating severe consequences. However, when the database is cleansed, you are sure that cleansing the bad data will help the good data to show expected results.

Form Data EntryDocument/form data entry usually includes printed and handwritten data. Data entry professional put the information from these hard-copies into formats which further facilitates easy report generation. Most outsourcing companies especially if they are offshore will enter incremental data uploaded by you at the end of day and have the reports ready the next day morning, taking advantage of difference in the time zone.

eCommerce Data EntryEcommerce product data entry irrespective whether you are an established company doing business online, or a planning to get into the eCommerce space. Using catalogs for product display is important for informing customers about your products and bringing in direct sales. Effective online catalog lets you categorize your products and allows for product descriptions and photos, thus helping you maximize your eCommerce store’s effectiveness. Catalog data entry, Catalog conversion, and data processing services from catalog processing professionals can take your paper brochures, product catalogs, etc. and enter the information into an online catalog. They also can place the products in the right categories / sub-categories and display your product pictures alongside, aesthetically.

BIB NumberBIB number entry or BIB keyword entry service is customized for fun runs to large-participation triathlons, marathons, cycling events, equestrians, bike racing, motor racing – any event where competitors wear identification numbers. Photo sales of participants in sports events are an increasingly important revenue earner for photography companies and individual photographers too. To maximize the sale, accurate identification of participants is very important.

Most of the outsourcing data entry companies cater to the various data entry and processing requirements. These companies have the required resources and sophisticated technologies, which further enables them to deliver flawless data entry solutions. Moreover, they use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for file exchange, in turn guaranteeing data security.

About Author : is a Project Lead at Data Entry India – a professional outsourcing company offering solutions for data management, data processing and other business processing outsourcing tasks. With the experience of 8 years, always wanted to work in the area that would combine both marketing and technologies.


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