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eBook Conversion: DIY or Outsource?

September 26th, 2016   |   Data Conversion   |  

EBook Conversion: DIY or Outsource?

Digitization of books and reading materials is on a rise these days, due to several reasons. eBooks do not need physical storage space and is easily accessible to a wide plethora of audiences and devices. One more benefit of this digitized books and reading material is, it can be and is used as an online marketing tool as well. It seems all these factors and many more put together, have popularized eBooks much faster as compared to traditional media. This might seem to be a happy picture, but it is only one side of the story. Yes, the process of converting papers into digital format is the worst nightmare, and that is the other side to it. We at Data Entry India, partner you for eBook Conversion, the ONLY way you can capitalize your printed material – AGAIN.

A few days back we received an email stating; I am writing this email to inquire as to why should we outsource eBook conversion to you at Data Entry India, and not use software like Calibre or Quart or Adobe CS5, when they are free and easy to operate? This software also takes care of required formats.

We as best data conversion service providers in India, and have not only survived; but thrived since more than 25 years now. We have tried resolving this query of DIY – do it yourself approach for eBook conversion in the past as well. However; the gentleman who approached us with a query pertaining to the field we are the best at eBook conversion. Hence; for the benefit of one and all, we would be more than happy to put across our thoughts on this, once again.

Also we would like to draw attention of both; individuals who are looking out for self-publishing their eBooks and also those Universities, Academic & Research Institutions, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Hospitals & Healthcare, Manufacturers and many more who are seeking help for converting their journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Periodicals, catalogs and what not, in a digitized format.

Ok, so if we talk about self-publishing, there is a long list of tasks, which either you can do it yourself or you can hire an eBook conversion company in India to do it for you.

These questions are so very important for individuals and organizations and institutions looking out to self-publish, making the answers to these, to be one of the biggest decisions responsible for the success or failure of your publishing journey. So if you select doing things on your own, the DIY – do it yourself approach, you may come across:

On the other hand, if you hire professional eBook conversion professionals, you will come across:

So these were some of the pros and cons of eBook conversion; In-house Vs Outsourced. Now we would share the experience of one of our clients, who wanted to convert PDF documents to ePub formats consistent with IDPF standards. The reason for the client being happy with our services, are the numerous benefits they reaped by hiring our professional eBook conversion services in terms of:

The challenge that we resolved for this client was that all their documents were in PDF print format and so less structured. It caused a major challenge for text elements including emphasis, hyphens, incorrect word spaces, paragraph delineation, special characters, sub-fonting, super-scripting & sub-scripting, tables and much more. These all tend to be displayed in a different context when it comes to ePublishing format.

Document conversion specialists, proficient at handling 250+ documents per month, with help of ePub reader, ePub validator, and HTML/XHTML editor, converted documents to ePub format. This also allowed access to the documents on various reading devices.

What other things our client had to say:

Looking at the challenges mentioned above, I was not at all in favor of spending my precious time learning HTML and CSS, certainly not good use of my time. There were quick and easy guides and tools available, which were heavily formatted, lots of bullet lists, headings/subheadings and a lot of graphic effects. For some hundred dollars I would have got terrific conversion, a really good deal, isn’t it?

But unless these documents or e-documents earned me back those dollars invested, it was all waste of time and money. All those in-house conversions lacked that professional and expert touch, increasing the chances of the documents not being accepted by people. Working with Data Entry India, helped me with that missing element of expertise and experience, through their existence in the industry for more than two decades.


We are in the eBook conversion segment since long and know for sure that though digitization has taken the front seat across industries, there are still questions that give sleepless nights, like:

The answer to all these is that, we at Data Entry India are the best book conversion service providers from India, with years of experience at providing quality ePub conversion services to leading universities, colleges, libraries and book publishers. Outsource your eBook conversion to data entry India, and based on our experience of more than 20 years; we will transform it to a digital format that is easy to use, distribute, needs less storage space and can be protected better against concurrent usage.